A controversy began brewing in the pro-life world last week after Bryan Kemper revealed the Christian metalcore band Texas in July is currently participating in a 30-city fundraising tour in part to raise money for Sex, Etc., a website that promotes abortion, homosexuality, and premarital sex, while opposing pregnancy care centers.

The Take Action Tour 2011 of which TIJ is a part advertises that “[t]en percent of the cost of each ticket sold is donated to Sex, Etc. and Sub City 501c3 non-profits,” so there is no doubt TIJ is complicit.

Just a couple examples of Sex, Etc.’s propagandist bent, lifted from its site and via Andy Moore’s detailed post about the TIJ controversy….


Andy has more examples as well info on the many links between Sex, Etc.’s staff and Planned Parenthood.

The controversy comes into play because TIJ now denies it is culpable for any wrong-doing:

Many people seem to be confused on where we stand on certain issues and we just want to apologize for this confusion and clear some things up directly. Texas in July in no way favors abortion and are at a loss for words for those saying hurtful and untrue things about our band’s beliefs and motives. We feel that this is the right place for us to be right now. This is, and has always been, about the music. We are excited to be sharing our music with an entirely new audience and will continue to let our music speak for itself.

This is the position pro-life leader Erik Whittington of Rock for Life is taking:

Similar to the Christian action of being a light in the darkness, pro-life bands who we support are encouraged to be a light in the darkness.

Texas in July is a pro-life band. They oppose abortion. As a result, they are most likely the only pro-life voice that will be heard on the Take Action tour. So, why are pro-lifers aggressively going after TIJ?

Erik also believes TIJ should honor its contract lest it “soil their reputation as a band.”

Erik also thinks Sex, Etc. is actually going to lose – not make – money from the tour. First, this isn’t germane to the point of the conversation. Second, Take Action brags it has raised “more than two million dollars for charity” in its 10 years of existence. It makes no sense that a charitable beneficiary would lose money. Plus consider all the free promotion and elevated credibility Sex, Etc. is getting at each of the 30 tour stops. I’d love to see its website stats since the tour launched April 22.

I count Erik is a great pro-life friend but think he and others who take TIJ’s position on this are wrong. No matter what TIJ band members personally believe, their financial support of an organization that promotes anti-Christian human sexuality and baby killing says it all.

Yes, legalists accused Jesus of hanging out with drunks, but they never accused Him of buying an alcoholic a drink.

Jesus also hung out with women of poor repute.  But he did not tell the woman at the well – who was shacking up with a guy after having been married to 5 others – the location of the nearest abortion clinic if she had an oopsie, how to do it with a woman [warning: graphic] in case she decided men weren’t working out for her, or where to get free condoms.

According to Wikipedia, TIJ’s members are very young, ranging in age from 18-21. I expect they got bad advice from band promoters on this one, and they also didn’t do their homework. Either that, or they’re slipping away from their Christian foundation. I note a word missing from Wiki’s updated entry on the band. Click to enlarge…

There are plausible explanations for this, such as that some Christian musicians remove the label if trying to go mainstream. I’m just wondering which culture is affecting which culture here.

One other thing, Sex, Etc. lies about when human life begins…

Whether or not TIJ calls itself pro-life, the hard truth is it is helping send countless babies to their deaths.

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