Great news: Those great pro-life youth flash mobs are proliferating!

The first was held only 2-1/2 months ago, on February 26 in Chicago, to counter a pro-abort protest. That same flash mob surprised both Joe Scheidler and pro-abort protesters April 2 at a fete in his honor.

Then, as I wrote last week, another pro-life youth flash mob surprised supporters at a May 3 CA Planned Parenthood rally. Here’s a new great video from that day…


Now comes word that a pro-life flash mob surprised 77-yr-old comedienne Joan Rivers as she arrived to speak at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Troy, Michigan, on April 26. View video of screen shots here. Reported one attendee:

The MI event was amazing. The young people were actually only about an arms length from Joan Rivers. She tried to address them as they were singing. When she did not succeed, she showed them how many fingers she could hold up.

Yes, Rivers allegedly gave those pro-life kids the finger. Her backing of PP is over-the-top. According to the Detroit Free Press:

She’s blunt about her support of the organization. “Oh, for God’s sake, anyone who doesn’t believe in planned parenthood is a moron,” she says.

But her support is irrational. Speaking at the PP luncheon about her husband’s suicide, Rivers said, according to

It was a dark time. “I used to wake up in the middle of night and think if I didn’t have a child, I’d be out of here,” she said. “Back to Planned Parenthood. Once you have a child, it’s not about you anymore. If you are taking on the responsibility of a life, you are there at least until she’s 18 and married rich.”

Do these people relish making no sense?

But I digress. If you are interested in organizing a pro-life flash mob, contact Brother Chad McCoy (the cheering priest you’ll see in this video) at, for how-to’s and to get LIFE balloons.

Another pro-life flash mob is planned next week in Ohio, but I can’t say where or it wouldn’t be a surprise.  Ask Br. Chad for details.

These pro-life flash mobs are wonderful. They give kids of all ages an opportunity to express their pro-life beliefs in joyous ways, in start contrast to the pro-aborts they’re flash-mobbing. Click to enlarge…

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