One of many problems abortion proponents have is sending mixed messages about getting one.  Whether to act glib and risk offending normal sensibilities, or to act serious and risk humanizing the baby, that is the question.

Maya at Feministing took the spectator-at-the coliseum approach earlier this week, saying she was “thrilled” and found it “refreshing” to see a Grey’s Anatomy character get an abortion.

That character would be Dr. Cristina Yang (pictured right, played by Sandra Oh) smart enough to be a surgeon but not smart enough to avoid getting pregnant, particularly odd since 1) she had a pregnancy scare six seasons ago that she would have aborted had it not been ectopic, and 2) she “really, really, really” doesn’t want children…


One wonders why Cristina didn’t get herself sterilized long ago if she “really, really, really” didn’t want children.

Or failing that, what happened to Cristina’s birth control, back-up birth control, and back-back-up birth control – if she’s actually smarter than a teenager?

This is the backdrop for a t.v. abortion – self-centered, thoughtless stupidity?

A normal woman would melt into the arms of a husband who wanted children so badly he would give up his career to raise them, which Cristina’s surgeon husband Owen would.  I mean, it was only 37 years ago that You’re Having My Baby was a number 1 hit, much to the dismay of feminists. The Glee version makes my point that women swoon over men men who love children. Who could abort this guy’s baby?

And for such smart people, Cristina and Owen didn’t cover thoughts on kids before saying, “I do”? Again, this stupidity is the backdrop for a morally acceptable abortion?

But there’s more. Cristina’s friend Meredith is converted into an abortion advocate and makes the “every child a wanted child” pitch to Owen, using herself as an example. But isn’t it a bit disingenuous for a born unwanted child who grew up to be a surgeon and marry McDreamy to recommend the killing of, at most, a half-unwanted child? If Meredith really believed what she said – if her life was really that bad – and for authenticity’s sake, she should have self-aborted after giving this little speech…


 And then the abortion. It ends up only looking sick and pathetic for a father to go so far as to willingly watch the baby he loves and wants being killed, all to support that child’s mother. And why all the drama if it isn’t human children being killed by abortion?


Have I mentioned yet that show creator Shonda Rhimes is on the board of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles?

[Photo via ABC]

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