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  • Here’s a quote you wouldn’t normally see at RH Reality Check:

    Yet both sides agree there is a moral urgency to ending the contamination of human beings from toxic chemicals, beginning in the womb. Government interest in fetal life shouldn’t be limited to blocking women’s right to choose. Instead, governments should choose to protect the interest in a healthy fetus by protecting women’s health, specifically women’s right to bear children and their right to a healthy pregnancy.

    Interestingly, Margie Kelly thinks that “by separating fetuses from the fetal environment [by displaying prenatal photos and ultrasounds], [pro-lifers] make women into enemies of the fetus.”

  • Former abortionist Krishna Rajanna (pictured left) was caught dumping patient records in a recycling bin at an elementary school:

    The Star reported that the woman found more than 1,000 records, and Rajanna confirmed that he left about that number in the bin. The Star said the records contained names, birth dates, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers and the patients’ health histories, including whether any abortions were performed, for patients from almost every county in the Kansas City area and beyond, from Topeka to Freeman, Mo.

    It’s not that he didn’t really care that much about privacy, it’s just that he was so focused on “protecting the environment by not burning the paper records of the services they’d received.”

  • Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards recently spoke at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy. Note her focus on social media:

    Planned Parenthood uses Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to deliver sex education to young people without having to get it through the Legislature. She noted that the number of people who visit Planned Parenthood online is equivalent to about 160,000 classrooms.

    “We have seen what young people and Planned Parenthood supporters can do in the face of censorship,” Richards said. “Technology has the power to connect people, to get our message out and drive social change.”

[Photo via deathroe.com]

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