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  • Michael New exposes the media’s smear job against researcher Priscilla Coleman, whose findings published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research first showed sampling errors, opening the door to attacks by Guttmacher.

    What the media has conveniently ignored is that the corrected study still showed that abortion leads to a “statistically significant increase in the likelihood of 11 mental-health problems.” Coleman also published a 22-study meta-analysis last year in the British Journal of Psychology, which “offered the largest estimate of mental-health risks associated with abortion… and provided plenty of evidence that abortion leads to a range of mental health problems.”

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, check out Catholic Vote’s photos of how many came out on a working day for their local Rallies for Religious Freedom (like the one in NYC, pictured left) across the country.
  • As the 40 Days for Life campaign enters its final week, participants share inside stories of workers being changed and lives being saved.
  • On the two-year anniversary of an affront to parental rights, Abortion in Washington rounds up their past coverage on the transportation of a minor, during school hours, from Ballard High School’s on-site health clinic to a clinic for an abortion – without parental consent or knowledge. The teen was advised by the clinic that if she did not inform her parents there would be no charge. Though no law was broken, the trust between school and parents was.
  • Bryan Kemper notes the twisted logic of Planned Parenthood and its supporters:

    I am so tired of Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion machine telling me to “keep my rosaries out of their ovaries” or to “stay out of their bedroom and mind my own business,” but then they turn around and expect me to pay for these sexual activities with my tax money. Are you kidding me?

  • Accepting Abundance notes how earlier and longer contraceptive use statistically leads to more unplanned pregnancies.
  • Coming Home discusses the truth, straight from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, about how the Obama Administration intends to pay for free contraceptives for all: by making sure people aren’t born.

    To top it off, the Congressional Budget Office tells us that Obamacare will now cost twice its originally promised price tag.

    Hear Sebelius in her own words:


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