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  • In our latest addition to the blog roll, The New Feminism, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi discusses how the pill continues to negatively affect women’s health, and how no one seems to care:

    The increase in incidence of these sometimes fatal ailments was judged to be tolerably low enough for the continuing promotion of the Pill. Shockingly, fatalities in women were deemed worth the risk while cases of mildly shrinking testicles were enough to end trials of a birth control pill for men.

  • At National Review, Michael New explains why we should pay attention to the recent Chilean study which shows that maternal mortality continued to decrease as abortion became more restricted.

  • ProWomanProLife discusses Canada’s recent March for Life in Victoria (pictured left). She notices that, despite being told the abortion debate is “over,” certain “mommy groups” are debating abortion via social media – for days – while discussing the march.
  • At Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn shares her testimony given before the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights regarding the treatment of two persecuted Chen Guangcheng supporters and her ongoing concerns for their safety. Littlejohn points out they are “heroes in their own right.”
  • Stand for Life discusses a Breakpoint article which claims a one minute message from the pulpit each Sunday could end abortion. One of the reasons:

    [I]t would dispel ambiguity and send a clear signal to every pew-sitting believer that this is a top-line priority with God, not a fine-print codicil, not “one more good thing that Christians ought to do when they have time.”

  • Pro-Life Action League comments on Georgetown’s commencement address invitation to abortion-supporting HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
  • Priests for Life’s Alveda King reports the increasing momentum of pro-life films like Doonby, which recently won The Frank Capra Award at the LA Life Fest.
  • Another new blog, My Drop in the Ocean, asks if choosing abortion represents true freedom:

    In our materialistic and self-centered society, there are more versions of truth than can be counted. We as a society desire the truth, the freedom revealed through truth. People say “The truth will set you free.” Why, then, do so many people stray from the truth about the value of human life and make up their own version of what is true? In America today, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia (all the intentional killing of an innocent person) are viewed as “rights” of people more powerful than the victims.

  • Real Choice says that prior to Roe v. Wade, women’s deaths from abortion were already in decline “for decades. To argue that legalization lowered abortion mortality simply isn’t supported by the data.”

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