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  • Of all places, the New York Times highlights a new study which notes how abortion (especially multiple abortions) increases a woman’s risk of preterm birth for later pregnancies:

    After controlling for smoking, a history of miscarriage, socioeconomic level and other factors, the investigators found that the risk for very preterm birth — that is, birth at 28 or fewer weeks of gestation — increased with the number of previous abortions a woman had had: a 19 percent increase after one abortion, 69 percent for two, and 278 percent for three.

  • An abortionist in Ghana has been caught on video talking a woman into having sex with him in the middle of her abortion. He has apparently done this thousands of times. A documentary of his arrest and operations will be shown on television there:

    A medical professional at a quintessentially clean, calm and quiet clinic at Madina in Accra has been arrested for performing illegal abortions and sleeping with thousands of women who have come under his knife.

    “Dr. Joshua Drah” initially denied any charges made against him by the police but was visibly shocked when he was shown a video of his operations.

  • The Daily Beast has a long story on Karen Handel’s book about the Planned Parenthood-Komen controversy:

    Handel says Komen had “ongoing discussions with Planned Parenthood” about the issue, even exchanging proposed public statements. She says the presidents of both Planned Parenthood and Komen made an agreement not to take the issue to the press. Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood president, broke the deal, she says, going to the press before Komen had made a public statement and launching “an unprecedented, premeditated assault on a women’s health organization, while at the same time claiming to be a women’s health organization.” (Planned Parenthood has denied going to the press.) …

    Handel also points to an important internal glitch at Komen after the decision was made, but before an official statement was released. She says a call came in from the Associated Press asking about the Planned Parenthood grant, as the news had apparently been leaked. Handel says Komen’s head of communications didn’t stick to the planned script — namely, that Komen was simply restructuring its grants. “We had no intention of ever making ‘investigations’ the public narrative or mentioning it with the press,” Handel writes in the book. “Unfortunately, someone would eventually do so — Komen’s own communications vice president, Leslie Aun.”

  • Kevin Williamson notes overhearing a conversation among the staff of a mainstream media outlet at the DNC convention who believe images of aborted children are fake:

    So the geniuses in the tent next door were declaring that these images are somehow fake or exaggerated (what do you think a baby a few months away from birth looks like chopped up), and were complaining that the pro-life protesters should not be allowed to bring their children along. Specifically, one lady said, “That’s child abuse!”

    It takes a special kind of moral illiteracy to look at that poster of a small person butchered and then to conclude that bringing your kids along to protest that state-sanctioned violence is the child abuse.

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