Ambulance called to hack abortionist’s new workplace


This past Saturday, March 23, an ambulance was called at 6p to Summit Women’s Center abortion clinic in Detroit, Michigan, according to Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

Pro-lifers on the scene, who had spoken with her earlier, indicated the woman placed into the ambulance on a gurney had come to the clinic that day for a second-trimester abortion.

The sole abortionist in the mill at the time of the medical emergency was Reginald Sharpe, who recently began working at Summit after closing his own three Michigan mills and filing for bankruptcy.

Through the course of the bankruptcy it was learned Sharpe had no malpractice insurance, with “no real prospect for doing so in the future,” according to Comerica, his bank. He likely had none on Saturday.

I have extensively chronicled this hack abortionist’s history in the links above, which includes killing a mother during a botched abortion in 2008, when Sharpe perforated her uterus and lacerated a uterine blood vessel, intestines and liver.

Published here for the first time is that mother’s (redacted) death certificate, via pro-life investigator Lynn Mills and CPS. As CPS noted in its press release:

Notice that it indicates that the woman died at a so-called “birthing center” – when in actuality the address is that of Sharpe’s abortion clinic [at 16738 East] Warren Avenue in Detroit – where, of course, babies are not born – but put to death!

It is inexplicable that Sharpe’s abortion clinic would be described as a “birthing center,” other than to hide the fact this death occurred as the result of an abortion. How many other abortions are missed by abortion-friendly glitches in the system?

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20 thoughts on “Ambulance called to hack abortionist’s new workplace”

  1. Why does the death certificate identify an abortion clinic as a “birthing clinic”?  Because now this abortion victim’s death can be used to bolster the abortion industry’s inaccurate “fact” that abortion is sooo much safer than birth.  See how that works? 


  2. The pro-abort talking point that abortion is safer than child-birth cannot be supported because abortion or complications from a procured abortion is never named on death certificates. This C.O.D. emphasizes that very point.


  3. Very true Cranky. But pro-aborts don’t care that they can’t support their favorite “fact”.


  4. One week we pro lifers stood in front of Martin Ruddocks clinic after asking women not to enter. 3 ambulances came in one week and every one of those women told us to BLEEP off. The pastor told one “we tried to warn you!” Your body your choice your ambulance ride.


  5. And many who do emerge are doubled over in pain crying holding their bellies or vomiting in the parking lot….your body your misery your choice .


  6. Sometimes I believe this is where the PL side divides..these women pass a picture of a mangled baby Malachi and say hateful things laugh or say so what…BUT if they have their bodies injured in the procedure its lawsuits n all


  7. Heather, me and the kids just got my hubby.  We put black coffee in the back of the toilet tank and waited for him to go to the bathroom.
    After he flushed, we giggled while he kept saying, “What the h#ll?!!” and flushed again.  This is a good one for anyone who hasn’t got any one yet today.


  8. My ex pretended to be pregnant for one April Fool’s day while we were married, hahaha oldest joke in the book. The next year she was actually pregnant with my daughter. She thought it would be funny to tell me on April Fool’s and I refused to believe her so she had to wait until the next day to convince me lol. I felt really stupid.


  9. Their hearts are hardened to the truth Heather.  They are deceived.


    Pray for them to find healing and forgiveness in Christ. And for those that witness to them share the truth in love and not offer condemnation.


  10. Even Orwell didn’t go this far…calling a baby killing center a birthing center!


  11. JackBorsch,
    LOL I chuckled reading your post. That is CLASSIC. Boy, she sure showed you!
    I didn’t pull any April Fools on the husband. Couldn’t think of anything. However, one of his patients pulled one on him. I’m not really sure what he did, but pulling a fast one on my husband isn’t easy.


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