The rap sheet against late-term abortionist James Pendergraft is long. A convicted felon, Pendergraft’s medical license is currently suspended for the fifth time.

The movie 22 Weeks was based on a true story about Baby Rowan, who survived his abortion at one of Pendergraft’s clinics but was refused help by staff.

The man is as abortion-crazed as can be, offering $50 discount coupons for Sunday abortions in the past. Even today, if you click on his website, a pop-up coupon for discount abortions – up to 50% off late-term! – will appear…


Pendergraft offers another deal where he will kill preborn babies and leave it to the mother figure out how to rid her body of her dead child: “Once the fetal heart beat has stopped, the patient can elect to return back to her private physician to complete the induction of labor with delivery of the fetus, or they may elect to go to another facility to have the termination process completed,” states his website.

But today, finally, may mark the beginning of the end of Pendergraft’s reign of terror over helpless little babies.

This morning Orland authorities cordoned off and seized all contents of Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center, one of five mills he owns.


The raid came as the result of a $36 million judgment against Pendergraft in 2011 for a lawsuit filed by Carol Howard, a mother whose 22.3 week old baby girl survived an abortion by Pendergraft in 2001 but lives with multiple handicaps, including cerebral palsy. To date Pendergraft had paid only $100,000 of that settlement.

Pendergraft was on hand today to view the confiscation of his property, claiming it wasn’t his but was part of a trust, as he told a reporter from wftv.com. Pro-life activist Michele Herzog was at the scene and told me Howard’s attorneys said Pendergraft’s attorneys had requested an emergency hearing on that basis to get the assets returned.

On the other hand Howard’s attorneys told Herzog they will also try to seize all property at Pendergraft’s other four locations.

So this certainly isn’t over.

Howard’s attorneys have not yet returned my request for comment.

pendergraft-e1327535704713Michele overheard Pendergraft say he was referring all patients to his EPOC Clinic, also in Orlando. So tomorrow pro-lifers plan to have extra sidewalk counselors on hand to reason with abortion minded mothers.

Michele found herself and another sidewalk counselor alone with Pendergraft, pictured right.

“Mr. Pendergraft, let today be the day you stop shedding the blood of innocent children,” pleaded Michele.

“Dr.!” was Pendergraft’s only response.

After a moment’s pause, Michele quietly responded, looking Pendergraft in the eye, “No, you are not a doctor. Someone who tears babies limb from limb is no doctor.”

2013-06-13_1733In 2001, Ms. Magazine took up Pendergraft’s offense on the federal charges that landed him in prison. Ms. lauded Pendergraft as “a fierce promoter of a woman’s right to choose… [and a] highly credentialed and well-regarded physician”

Ms. considered it a feather in his cap that “Pendergraft probably performs more abortions in his five clinics than any other provider in the U.S.”

Pendergraft was a featured as a “moving” speaker at the National Organization for Women’s Emergency Action for Women’s Lives rally in 2001. NOW later claimed he had been “wrongfully imprisoned.”



[Photo of clinic/yellow tape via John Barros on Facebookwho deserves immense thanks for tirelessly sidewalk counseling at this clinic daily for several years, saving hundreds of babies; bottom photo via American Life League]

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