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NYCabortionsThe City’s claim that increased use of contraception is the cause of the substantial decline is quite perplexing, though. While the CDC through its comprehensive National Survey of Family Growth has found steadily declining rates of teenage sexual activity, they have not found substantial increases in contraceptive use. And the City has been pushing Plan B for several years, which studies show does not decrease the pregnancy rate. If the City has data proving their claim, they should make it available to the public.

The abortion ratio citywide fell to just over 37% in 2012 – a record low since 1970 when abortion was legalized in New York. The Bronx continues to lead the city with an abortion ratio of 47%. The largest drop in the abortion ratio was in Brooklyn, which saw the ratio drop from 37 percent to 34%.

~ Greg Pfundstein of the Chiaroscuro Foundation, responding to the latest reports that New York City’s abortion rate has “plummeted” to levels just slightly above those in 1973, as quoted by Alveda King at, February 19

The abortion percentages for NYC are still currently at “61% among black women, 35% among Hispanics and about 14% among whites and Asians.”

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