NYC abortion clinic: We “release” late periods, end “invisible” pregnancies

g-sac-7-weeks-300x194by Kelli

SofTouch® is the safest, most noninvasive method. The doctor simply inserts a soft flexible tube through the natural opening of your cervix, and applies gentle pressure. This quietly “releases” your late period and induces a miscarriage. Because it is a natural release there is immediate recovery and you can rest assured that when you are ready, you can become pregnant again….

Let go of your worries, and let us care for you. You will leave feeling supported and confident that you can get pregnant when the time is right….

Ending early pregnancy doesn’t need to be any more complicated than getting your yearly pap test.

You have an early pregnancy if you have only missed one or two periods. At this stage, it’s more like having a miscarriage. It’s comforting to know that you’re ending the pregnancy before you would even know if it may be viable. An early pregnancy consists of tissue similar to your menstrual tissue and a “bubble” of fluid, called the gestational sac. The pregnancy itself is invisible.

~ A very “nuanced” description of surgical abortion (and accompanying photo, found here) from New York City’s Early Options abortion clinic, as quoted by Live Action News, July 14

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  1. I have been wondering what the evil geniuses have been up to lately. We haven’t heard much from them since they invented the phrase “War on Women” and fired the first salvo in composing the HHS Mandate.

    Well, now I know. The evil geniuses have been writing ad copy for abortion clinics.


  2. Why have informed consent when you can have bogus descriptions aimed to make women feel that killing their unborn “pregnancy” is natural and just like a miscarriage. Trust women, amirite?


  3. This quietly “releases” your late period. . .”

    If she’s pregnant it’s not a period. Yeah, they trust women so much they have to lie to them. Is this legal?

    Seriously, someone needs to check if these folks have even a high school degree.


  4. I’ve had three early miscarriages (6, 4, and 7 weeks, respectively). A miscarriage is nothing like a period. To suggest otherwise puts women in real danger.


  5. We have “Truth in Lending” laws. What happened to “Truth in Advertising”!


  6. This is NYC? Didn’t they just come down on PRCs like last year for not IDK having a neon fifty foot sign or whatever proclaiming they don’t do abortions? If PRCs can get in trouble for being “deceptive” then I can’t see how this euphemism-laden thing isn’t deceptive.


  7. If you “do” anything to – purposely -induce miscarriage…


    I did everything I could to PREVENT a miscarriage, and yet, had EIGHT.

    “Ending early pregnancy doesn’t need to be any more complicated than getting your yearly pap test.”

    This is one of the most deceptive,(emotionally/mentally) HARMFUL things I have ever read !
    Just too ridiculous. I can’t even wrap my brain around this one.


  8. I went to their website and it’s saying it’s getting 5 star reviews and there are all these positive comments about it. Disgusting. Gotta do something about this approach of promoting an abortion pill. Like it’s been said before, an unborn baby that is lost is a tragedy, but an unborn baby that is not wanted is “pro-choice” as in it’s ok, not a big deal. Terrible.


  9. satan is very crafty and deceitful.

    he tricks mothers into killing their own children.


  10. Pamela, Rachel, I am sorry for your miscarriages. I never had one but I know women who have and they can be traumatic, painful, and messy. Just to trivialize like this is sickening.


  11. Crazy.

    This is a reminder of why us strong pro-lifers need to present arguments based on the value of life first and foremost. When there is a focus of graphic signs, the obvious logical step is to move to an abortive method that isn’t so graphic – things like this.

    I love the focus of the value of life and ways to support women in need – a positive approach without the workaround.


  12. “Ending early pregnancy doesn’t need to be any more complicated than getting your yearly pap test.”

    If this is the case, women need to be very careful about going to the doctor when they are pregnant with the babies they don’t want to die. The doc might get confused and abort your child instead of just giving you a checkup. Because abortion is so simple you know.


  13. A comment made by a boyfriend of a woman who aborted their child at Early Options:

    “After we made the decision to have an abortion, all I wanted in the world was two things…
    For my girlfriend to be given the safest and simplest procedure possible – with the minimum risk to her immediate health and with minimal chance of future complications
    For her to be treated with sensitivity, respect and decency at a time when we were facing one of the most unpleasant and emotionally challenging prospects you can imagine.”

    Unpleasant and emotionally challenging because you paid to kill your child! Nothing says you are a sensitive, respecting and decent man more than being there for your girlfriend as your child is being killed.



  14. Prax, last time I checked getting a pap smear was unpleasant, but not emotionally challenging. Its all about me, I, our feelings– nothing about the life they created and then destroyed. Double vomit.

    I don’t like to get all Bible thumpy, but New York is the capitol of the Culture of Death, where Satan has his seat (he just has a condo in Philly).


  15. I think NYC mayor Bill Blasio (sp)? has backed down a bit after the ruling in Maryland making the proborts pay the PRC’s legal bills.


  16. I had a miscarriage 3 weeks after conception.
    It felt like my uterus was being flayed.

    And it also felt like my baby died, because she did.

    One day they will know. And they will regret.


  17. I think it’d be appropriate to peacefully stand in front of the Early Options clinic(s) w/ two signs & brochures, one w/ the clinic’s images of pregnancy tissue with a caption saying some-thing like “This isn’t what your embryo looks like right now” & the second sign w/ an image of an embryo w/ the label “THIS is an embryo at (insert appropriate age)” w/ facts on its development set off to the side of the image. Also, perhaps have a sign offering assistance & resources. Let’s combat their misinformation in person & on the web using accurate embryology. These woman have the right to accurate information & to be fully informed on the pregnancy they’re making a decision about. Yeah they say “trust women” but they don’t “trust women” to be strong enough or capable of handling simple, accurate information about their pregnancy & abortion procedure. Who’s really the patronizing ones, here?


  18. It would be hard to protest at this clinic – it’s on an upper floor in an otherwise unremarkable office building, nestled among many in midtown east. It looks about as sleek, outside and inside, as you’d expect a business suite in a building like that to look. The thing that I remember most about it is that, in that classic NYC way, the windows of the exam rooms overlook the rooftop of the building next door. I remember seeing a table and some chairs set up on a little patio, nothing fancy by non-NYC standards, but definitely a secret respite for some lucky people nonetheless – a rare glimpse into paradise and almost unthinkable luxury – and I remember wondering how many women had turned their head sideways to distract themselves as they lay down, and looked out that window at that table and chairs, and just felt the starkness of the contrast in lives. It just seemed to underline the loneliness of the whole thing, somehow.


  19. Ok, it’s unfortunate it’d be too difficult to peacefully protest the clinic & perhaps that’s how they want it, in a average looking business/residential building, out of the reach of protestors. But here’s what really bothers me, in reading the Google reviews of the clinic, one of the patients said she had been searching Google & to reassure her that her pregnancy was nothing & the big bad conservatives & the internet (presumably the patient was visiting pregnancy/embryology websites) were wrong, the good doctor showed the patient jars of embryos at various ages, only from the description, it sounds like it was only empty gestational sacs & chorionic tissue. How dare they tell patients that they accurate information from professional sources (pregnancy & embryology sites) are wrong & their deceptive information is true. Do they not care about the patient’s mental & emotional wellbeing in the longrun if the patient finds out the truth? Just so they can profit from the woman’s abortion & give themselves shallow reassurance & a pat on the back for “helping women” Sheesh!


  20. That’s the most well developed “blob” I ever saw, Maria. And why would this woman believe a doctor who is going to make a profit off h e r dead baby instead of an metrology textbook, which has no agenda?


  21. “And why would this woman believe a doctor who is going to make a profit off h e r dead baby instead of an metrology textbook, which has no agenda?”

    Because when it rains, it pours.


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