UPDATE 12/18, 12:20p: The Irish pro-life groups Precious Life and Youth Defence have released an informative joint statement on the European court’s ruling.

UPDATE 12/17, 3:35p: Another view from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, which says the European Court “unilaterally misinterpreted” Ireland’s constitution re: the abortion of the mother with cancer in remission, calling on the country to “dismiss out of hand this interference in a very sensitive national and constitutional issue.”

UPDATE 12/17, 11:40a: LifeNews.com has a more detailed post on MSM’s inaccurate news headlines and articles yesterday, including reference to a rather amazing Huffington Post story that also outed and corrected the sloven, biased, and misleading stories.

12/17, 11:02a: Yesterday worldwide pro-abortion ideologues were dealt two huge blows. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that: 1)  the European Convention on Human Rights does not contain a right to abortion; and 2) the 47 European countries bound by that convention have the right to sovereignly determine their own abortion laws.

You can see why the case prompting this decision was dubbed Europe’s Roe v. Wade.

The ruling came as a result of a lawsuit filed in 2005 against the little abortion-free island jewel of Ireland by 3 unnamed mothers (why the case was technically called ABC v. Ireland) who had to go to the UK to abort their babies.

The Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues has a succinct, clear analysis.

Jivin J wrote yesterday, “There are a lot of ridiculous/inaccurate attention grabbing headlines about the case.” There sure was. I woke up to following one as I was running out the door to catch a plane that ruined my day until I was able to peruse headlines again last night…

The AP/NYT story is referring to the court’s decision regarding 1 of the 3 women that Irish law failed to properly provide a way for her to get an abortion, since her case was considered life-threatening (which it wasn’t). National Review Online has more on this.

So this isn’t over. The court thinks it found a loophole in the Irish Constitution the people must close.

But overall, yesterday’s decision was profoundly significant in the fight to preserve the sanctity of human life.

As you know, I spoke at the Youth Defence conference in Ireland in November. I encourage pro-lifers to donate to its current billboard campaign to keep a positive pro-life message in front of its people. Click to enlarge…

Ireland is a source of hope to both European and American pro-lifers.

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