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  • Politico covers James O’Keefe’s most recent project in which actors posing as Russian drug dealers attempt to get Medicaid benefits:

    When the men disclose they need an abortion for their underage sister who performs “sexual favors” for clients when closing deals, the state employee refers them to Planned Parenthood for free abortions that do not require parental consent.

  • The Center for Reproductive Rights has sued to stop a North Dakota law aimed at restricting medication abortion.
  • In the New York Post, former state Assemblyman Michael Benjamin argues New York should pass an Unborn Victims of Violence Act:New York law now effectively denies adequate protection to pregnant women and their unborn children. Although the murdered babies are laid to rest in marked graves and the families grieve for them, our state tells them that their loved ones never existed.

    The refusal to recognize the intrinsic value of an unborn child’s life amounts to zealotry. This is insensitive toward the mothers and their loss. It seems to treat the loss of an unborn child as though it were a bruise or a broken bone. Yet broken bones heal; a stolen life can never be replaced.

  • The Daily Mail has the story of a couple who were advised to abort because a scan showed their unborn daughter had a blood-restricting tumor on her heart:

    She was born in January 2010 three weeks premature by Caesarean section at Blackburn Royal Hospital

    Heather said: “All I wanted was to see her eyes. The doctors still said that she would die as the tumour was so big it would stop the blood flow around her heart.

    But she cried, she was breathing and doing everything that a newborn does.

    Straight away they took her down to the neonatal intensive care unit and scanned her heart. The tumour was inside the entire left chamber but somehow her little heart was still finding a way to pump blood around.”

[Photo via Daily Mail]

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