Planned Parenthood uses black athletes as pawns in vapid Tebow response video

2/6, 9:35a: Les for Life at the Passionate Pro-lifer thinks the black athlete ad is going to boomerang. I agree that at some level great or small the Planned Parenthoodsponsored video rebuttal to the Tebow ad has afforded us the opportunity to point out how abortion is decimating the black race in America.
2/4, 11:13a: Ack. I’ve decided there is nothing Planned Parenthood does that doesn’t make me sick. How’s that for a double negative?
PP has produced a 1:07 video in response to Tim and Pam Tebow’s upcoming Super Bowl ad, which I’ve reported on extensively.
CBS, abortion, Tebow, Planned Parenthood, RH Reality Check, pro-life, Focus on the Family, National ORganization for Women.jpgLet me 1st acknowledge PP is attempting the right PR tack, unlike other pro-abort groups such as Ms., NOW, and RH Reality Check, which combined forces to wage a counter-productive public war against CBS to try to stifle pro-life free speech.
I note neither PP nor its CEO, Cecile Richards, were part of that mob. Smart.
Now PP is jumping in, 1st with a well-written introductory video by Richards. Note she respects and lauds Pam Tebow, then seamlessly segues to promote abortion, of course without ever saying the word…

In the video Richards totally sidesteps the issue raised in the Tebow ad, that every preborn life has value, even in the midst of a crisis pregnancy. Richards uses that to laud freedom of choice. As I said, well-written.
Then we get to the PP video featuring former US Olympian Al Joyner and former MN Vikings football player Sean James. Both are black, and both were sadly ignorant pawns of an this racist group that predominantly targets blacks for abortion.
As the US’s largest abortion provider, PP is largely responsible for the fact that while African-Americans comprise only 12% of the population, they account for 35% of all abortions. Abortion is the largest annual killer of blacks.
Stupid, stupid men…

The video makes absolutely no sense for those with ears to hear. Again, no mention of the A-word.
James subtly attempts to portray Pam Tebow’s decision to carry Tim to term as something as unpleasant as abortion, a “difficult decision for her family.”
James pays tribute to his mother for “show[ing] me that women are strong and wise.” And that would include her right to have aborted him?
Joyner speaks glowingly of his daughter: “I want my daughter to live in a world where everyone’s decision is respected. My daughter will always be my little girl, but I am proud of her everyday as I watch her grow up to be her own person, a smart, confident young woman. I trust her to take care of herself.” And that would include potentially aborting his grandchildren?
James concludes with the most contradictory statement of all: “We’re working toward the day when every woman will be valued.” How does that jive with the fact that well over 50% of all abortions worldwide are of females?
PP, such a smooth operator.
maafa 21, planned parenthood, sean james, joyner, abortion, tebow, focus on the family.pngAll that said, pro-lifers have done a great job exposing PP for the slimy killing machine that it is. We must keep it up, for instance, by using this James/Joyner video to spotlight how abortion is causing the annihilation of the American black culture, thanks in large part to PP and its eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger.
Someone needs to set those guys down to watch Maafa 21.
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26 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood uses black athletes as pawns in vapid Tebow response video”

  1. If PP really wanted to go tit-for-tat, they should have featured the mothers of these guys sitting with them, smiling at the camera, nodding their pretty little heads, and doing that “Amen” chorus.
    And you have to wonder: were those guys the ONLY two athletes they could have picked to counter Tebow?
    I mean, they could have picked someone with actual name recognition, not the brother-of-an-Olympian.
    I don’t follow sports, so I’m biased like that.

  2. Incredibly we have a lack male on this video making the following statement about his mother and what she taught him:
    “She taught me that ONLY WOMEN can make the best decisions about their health and their future.”
    That’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect. Right there we see just how horrifically PP and their fellow travelers have utterly destroyed the African-American community.
    By the relentless push for the use of contraceptives by teens, PP helps to disconnect sex from intimacy, from covenant which establishes families. In PP’s relentless drive (80% in the inner-city) for a woman’s right to choose, Black girls have swallowed it all.
    The result? 70+% illegitimacy rate for the Black babies lucky enough to escape PP’s abortion mills. Young men having been taught that women are nothing more than playthings, that the men have no responsibility, as they have no say.
    And here is a Black man who stands and says mother taught him that “ONLY WOMEN” can decide what’s best for their health. Further reinforcement that men are irrelevant, that they have nothing substantial to offer, that they DARE NOT suggest input.
    This poor slob may be an athlete, but did he realize the impotence he projected there?
    My wife and I have had substantial input into one another’s health and lifestyles,ESPECIALLY the medical decisions.That’s part of Covenant.
    Yeah, mom taught you well sonny: ‘Shut up and sit in the corner dumb-ass. All men s*ck.’

  3. LOL- I love how men are only encouraged to speak out on this issue if they deem themselves to be irrelevant and inconsequential.
    Women don’t make babies by themselves, ya know…
    But I think these men know that. PP makes it easy for them to wham, bam, and walk away.

  4. Now, if Planned Parenthood was being HONEST and not disingenuous, as they are wont – They would have put a couple of black FEMALE athletes up there who would explain how their athletic scholarships came with strings attached directly to Planned Parenthood and how they were forced to abort their babies to keep their athletic scholarships (“take one for the team,” ya know). Now that would be a true portrayal of an abortion decision that Planned Parenthood could get behind.

  5. This Planned Parenthood video has to represent about the emptiest abortionist drivel I have ever encountered (and I have encountered plenty, believe me, in my day).
    We must “respect personal family decisions”? What does that mean?
    I wish the opponents of unborn human rights would just chuck the drivel and the mind-numbing word games and just come out and say “we honestly believe that killing human beings in the unborn stage and depriving us of our entire human lifespans does not violate our rights, therefore is not a crime and should be allowed under law” or words to that effect.
    They would still be wrong and would still be advocating crimes against innocent human beings but at least they would show some honesty and integrity.
    I think they are basically terrified to come face to face with what they support.

  6. The next step is for them to cough up the funds to pay for this to be on the Superbowl.
    It would be a sick irony if they could get enough money to replace the Tibow ad…..oh noes.
    I do appreciate that Slly Jenkins WaPo article from yesterday-she totally called the pro-choice camp on being intolerant. Which is better than what we have here….they are masking their intolerance with these videos.
    But as you said, well played. At least they’re not just screaming ‘anti-woman!’ incoherently, and are making an effort at being intellectual about it. I prefer my opponents to be logical about these things, as opposed to wildly emotional and controlled by their raging feelings-because people with that mentality are liable to do anything.

  7. My husband is even a bigger football fan than me, and he never heard of Sean James. Are these the only two athletes PP could find?

  8. Richards sure is smooth, like satan masquerading as an angel of Light.
    She earns her blood money.
    The Tebow ad will be a great, positive, uplifting and inspirational message. Richards is deceptively hijacking the positive sentiments of this wholesome, life-giving testimony to insidiously promote her evil, wicked, horrific destruction of innocent babies.
    And like Judas’ kiss, she does so with a smile.
    The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is incomplete if you only focus on the Goodness and Love of God. God is Love, but He is also Holy and Just.
    He does not tolerate sin. He went to great lengths, even the sacrifice of His own Son, to deliver us from our iniquity when we didn’t deserve it.
    The Goodness of God is magnified in our eyes when we consider man’s sinfulness and depravity, and the price He paid, the shedding of His own Blood, for our redemption.
    So too, the celebration of Life is only half the story. The choice to kill one’s own child always brings death, always brings sorrow, always brings regret and remorse.
    “But Ed, I know someone who had an abortion and everything worked out well and she didn’t regret it.”
    1. She is the exception, not the rule.
    2. This is a perfect example of the deceitfulness of our hearts and how we can justify our own evil acts while leaving a path of destruction behind us.
    3. A post-abortive Mom may not regret her abortion today or tomorrow, but I guarantee you, she will.
    As surely as the Sun rises in the east, she will be confronted with the brutal truth of what she did to her child.
    Praise be to God for His Mercy, Lovingkindness and Grace, which He extends to all of us sinners deserving of His Judgment.
    If you’re a post-abortive Mom out there struggling with feelings of depression and guilt, run to Rachel’s Vineyard, run to Silent No More, or run to Carla. Know that you were deceived, that God loves you and want to wash you, make you whiter than snow, remove your sin as far as the east is from the west, and never remember it again.
    Your abortion was one of the many sins that He bore on the Cross of Calvary.
    Your debt has been paid in full.
    Glory to His Precious Name.
    If you don’t regret your abortion, you are in a far worse state than the women that do.
    Your pride has isolated yourself from the work of His Grace and He isn’t even dealing with you. The lies you’ve believed have hardened your heart and seared your consience.
    You cannot fathom the danger you are in.

  9. Posted by: Gerard Nadal at February 4, 2010 12:06 PM
    Gerry – you mean they’ve been effectively neutered?
    I’ve talked with men who didn’t have a say in the matter, only to lose their children to a woman who had no respect for life or for men. This has been devastating (and in some cases, explosive) to the men. So many rush to the bedroom, they fail to discuss the implications. They lose what it means to be truly intimate.
    Then should the woman demand sole control after the fact, she effectively makes the man as nothing more than a sex-toy.
    I’m sure the two who did the video didn’t consider their actions would frame them so accurately.
    Such disregard is a continual devolvement of men overall.
    In the end, it’s a race to see who can use the other sex the most.

  10. All things being the same, it is way cooler to have Tim Tebow in an ad than…
    (scrolls up to read their names)
    Al Joyner and Sean James.
    If nothing else, I’d like to note that even if these guys think they’re speaking out effectively, they’re doing it to the wrong generation. Pro-abort celebrities are getting old. Major marketing is a great litmus test for a society, and that test is leaning more and more to the pro-life side. (Jonas Brothers, Tim Tebow, Juno, Law & Order, Knocked Up)
    Also encouraging is the stark contrast of young people groups. Here’s a fun activity: Google “Students for Life” and “Students for Choice” and see what gets you more hits.

  11. I will stand by what I said earlier and say that they have the right to speak their minds, too. I mean, I know that this isn’t in the Superbowl (and frankly, I don’t know anything about football- my mom hates the sport and I’m not interested in athletics), but they have the right to speak their minds. Now we have a back and forth. That’s good.
    They’re certainly doing better about this than NARAL.
    Anyways, I have to say sorry if I don’t know who they are. I hate to fall for a debate of “celebrity power,” which is stupid. But my mother, every time that she sees it, says, “OOOoooOOh that’s right. Girls with hardly any clothes on cheering on the big strong men! No women’s sport gets taken this seriously!”
    And I’m beginning to see that she’s right.

  12. Of course women are strong and wise and can be trusted when they are told THE TRUTH about abortion!!! The truth about fetal development, the truth of an ultrasound, the truth about the risks of abortion, the truth about how abortion does NOT help or heal or solve anything, the truth that your own child dies in an abortion, the truth that your baby dies as her little body is sucked through a vacuum hose, the truth that abortion hurts!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future? Is he serious? So if an eighteen-year-old decides to go to Mexico on spring break and sleep with twenty guys, that’s a better decision than her dad telling her she’s not allowed to go as long as she lives under his roof?
    I bet Planned Parenthood doesn’t respect the personal family decison of taking your kids out of sex ed class.

  14. isn’t the Tebow’s ad with both mother and son? Wouldn’t a more accurate PP ad have a mother and her aborted baby there with her? I suppose the baby wouldn’t get any lines in the spot, but the ghouls could probably pin a smile on the baby’s face while mom proudly declares how she exercised her “choice” which allowed her to do any number of wonderful things (look good in a bikini for spring break, play professional volleyball for a season, keep her boyfriend who broke up with her 2 months later…) Wouldn’t that be a more fair comparison?

  15. Hi Xalisae, I would say you are right on with a “more accurate PP ad”. Good point. Question: You mean they wouldn’t really want the public to see what a bloody, gory mess an abortion really is and all the fetal baby parts like little arms, legs, fingers and toes might turn someone’s stomach? Like Sarah Palin would say “You Betcha”.

  16. In these past few weeks I am constantly reminded of what Ronald Regan once said:

  17. I’d say 60% of men asked to sign a Personhood
    petition have bought the lie that it is totally
    up to the woman :(

  18. I don’t follow sports at all, and the only way I’d heard about Tebow before was for his being a virgin. So I’m going to take everyone else’s word for it that Tebow’s well known and these two are not.
    1. I am so encouraged that PP couldn’t find any big names to promote their evil agenda! That is awesome. If football celebrities aren’t willing to stake their names and reputations on the message that killing babies is a-okay, regardless of whether they don’t believe in it or just think it’s bad PR, that can only be a good thing.
    2. It makes me wonder whether these guys are mostly doing it for the additional name recognition the spot will get them. Granted, they probably also believe the message and think it’s the message people want to hear–not that “It’s not my decision and not my responsibility” is a particularly ballsy declaration.
    3. Maybe these guys are ripe for conversion to the belief that life is sacred. After all, they seem to think that saying a woman should be allowed to choose to have her baby brutally killed is a popular and likable opinion. If they learn otherwise, perhaps they will reconsider. And then there’s the additional coverage and name recognition they’d get by reneging on the PP commercial and coming out in favor of life….
    4. I can’t tell whether I’m being cynical or optimistic.

  19. this ad simply doesn’t make any sense
    interesting that they had to put this on youtube
    maybe PP can’t raise the money
    after all who wants to support the choice to murder your baby? :(

  20. don’t expect to be able to comment on this video.
    PP hasn’t posted any of my prolife comments yet.
    It seems they are more into telling lies once again rather than initiating discussion.
    why are we not surprised?

  21. Planned Parenthood Uses Tebow Response to Target More Black Abortions Say African American Prolife Leaders (from Dr. Alveda King)
    February 5th, 2010 For immediate release: contact Kristina at (703) 373-0632 or
    Atlanta, Ga – African American prolife leaders say Planned Parenthood’s tactics are outrageous.
    Responding to Planned Parenthood’s not so subtle Tebow family rebuke, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “Planned Parenthood’s response to the Tebow family’s Super Bowl ad continues their founder, eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s history of deception. They feature two African American athletes who are talking about ‘respecting’ women’s choices without ever mentioning the ‘A’ word.
    Today, an 18 year old African American male was outraged. He said: “two Black athletes supporting abortion. How is that a message for us, considering that we Black people are the biggest target for Planned Parenthood’s abortions? More of our people die from abortion than any other group.”
    Alveda King concludes: “The Black community makes up 12% percent of America’s population, yet Black women get over 30% of all abortions. Of the over 50 million babies aborted in America since 1973, about 1/3 of the dead babies are Black. Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider, puts many of their offices in Black neighborhoods.
    “Once again, Planned Parenthood tries to hide the painful truth; it is running an abortion dynasty, reaping benefits from killing Black babies. Planned Parenthood knows that abortion hurts women, kills babies and targets minorities. Yet, they keep pressing their case, and they keep using their victims to support their agenda of murder. What’s wrong with this picture?”
    More comments from the Black Prolife Movement are available at

  22. Thank you so much Dr. Alveda King for posting on this blog. I have heard you speak and love your story about Daddy King’s, your grandfather’s, reaction to you considering abortion of his grandchild. Thank you for being an outspoken advocate for the lives A.A. babies and women. You are awesome. God bless.

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